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Some of our Old Faves and Long-time Brews

Check out some beers that really got us started.

Boogie Down

Screw just stayin’ alive. Grab a great craft beer and live out loud! This fresh Belgian Blonde will transport you to your favorite cafe in Brussels – or the one you hope to visit soon. Great mouthfeel, subtle flavors of spice and fruit, and a crisp finish. If you start to see the twinkling lights of a disco ball the decision is yours… go out dancing or call a cab.

ABV: 6.8%     IBU: 26     


Rich, toasted cereal malt flavors leaning up against German noble hops create a beer that is edgy, but not bitter. An enjoyable session beer.

ABV: 5.3%     IBU: 30     

Jack Straw

Jack Straw is an easy-drinking Pilsner that will wet your whistle on a hot summer day. This down-to-earth beer has a grainy sweetness, medium hop bitterness and country straw color. Better make hay while the sun shines, this crop is only ripe for the pickin’ for a limited time.

ABV: 5.3%     IBU: 35     

Prohibition Pauly

Our clandestine friend Pauly tells the story this way… Porters were brewed in the US for more than two centuries, but after prohibition it pretty much slept with the fishes. Now, thanks to some pioneering craft brewers, the American Porter is back and thriving. A rich and flavorful, dark, robust brew with aromas and flavors of chocolate, caramel, hints of coffee and roast, with a clean bitter hop finish.

ABV: 6.6%     IBU: 44     


Pssst. Come a little closer. We’ve got a little something shakin’ that may interest you. Is it a Stout or an American Black Ale? Well, well, well, you never can tell. Eyes on the prize, put your nose in the glass. Don’t drink too fast. Gotta make it last. Just let it roll across your tongue like a hopped-up velvet thundercloud. Don’t tell me this stout ain’t got no hops. You just gotta sniff around. Come on over to the dark side of the street.

ABV: 8.0%     IBU: 71     


Our Head Brewmaster created this beer in honor of the history of the Brewers’ Star. Crackery aromas of fresh milled grain and grassy, floral hops, with crackery malt flavors, fresh cut hay and bitter noble hops. Clean, crisp and refreshing.

ABV: 4.9%     IBU: 29     


This heady brew is heavily roasted with creamy flavors that come from the combination of flaked barley and chocolate malts.

ABV: 10.5%     IBU: 68     

Vienna Lager

Originally brewed in 1841 by Dreher Brewery in Vienna, this German-style amber lager has a slight malty sweetness with notes of toast & roast. Balanced by noble hops, it is full of flavor without the bitterness or heavy body and offers a clean crisp finish.

ABV: 4.8%     IBU: 25     

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