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Brewer's Notes Brewed, Not Stirred

A traditional German-style pale light lager, brewed with imported malts, german hops, and lagered for weeks to achieve perfect drinkability.

Available in:

  • Draft
    Half & sixth BBL

Our Process German-Style Brewing

We love German-style beers just as much as our IPAs! Our BrauKon brewhouse and cellar help us achieve world-class German-style beer. We carefully select from imported malts and hops, and use traditional brewing and cellaring processes to create these classic brews.

One such process is called floatation, where sterile air is injected into the cold wort stream to create a supersaturated solution. Those air bubbles then release, grabbing hold of impurities and pulling them out of solution into a thick layer of foam. After decanting, we’re left with a clean wort and yeast for a purer fermentation. For our lagers, we employ horizontal lagering tanks which create a larger surface area to beer depth. The yeast doesn’t have to travel as far to settle out of the beer, which yields a clearer and cleaner tasting lager.

How We Brew

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