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Brewer's Notes Aggressively Hopped West Coast-Style Imperial IPA

An imperial version of the best IPA in the world! The same massive hop display of pine, grapefruit, citrus and pineapple as our award-winning classic — with an extra imperial punch.

Available in:

  • Draft
    Half & sixth BBL
  • 4 pack
    12 oz. cans

Our Process Fresh Hops

Most of the hops we use undergo a kilning step to remove moisture content, which makes it easier to process them into pellets, whole leaf bales, or extracts for better storage and convenience in the brewhouse. In contrast, fresh hops are hops that skip the kilning and processing phases altogether. By leaving them be, we lock in volatile aromatics and flavors that would otherwise be lost. Fresh hops are shipped directly to the brewery and used within 48 hours, or flash frozen and stored at subzero temperatures for later use. They lend a bright, green, true-to-type character that is unmatched by other methods.

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